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At Buchanan Laboratory we offer quality restoration work and personalized customer service.  

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Full Contour Crystal Zirconia Crowns
  • Most Translucent Zirconia 
  • Naturally Esthetic 
  • 1000+ MPa Strong 
  • Strongest Restorations

Porcelain Fused to Crystal Zirconia 
  • ​All Ceramic Metal Free
  • 1250+ MPa Structure
  • Bio-compatible Allergy-Free

CAD/CAM Custom Abutments
  • We offer Solid Titanium & Titanium Hybird Abutments designed and manufactured right here in our lab. 

Features and Benefits:​
  •  Control over margin placement
  • ​Control over emergence profile 
  • Andozied for improved aesthetics 
  • Compatibility with most major implant system 
  • ​A German precision pre-milled interface 
  • ​Abutment and Crown both designed for more accurate fit. 
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We are excited about some new opportunities with materials and techniques. We are currently working with All-on-Four's utilizing Crystal Ultra. The only material strong enough to use without a bar. Keep checking back for more information or give us a call (850) 675-6878 or Toll Free (866) 605-6878
Sending a Case
If you have any questions on how to send us a case don't hesitate to contact our office today, we will be happy to assist you. You can click on images below to print the Rx Form and UPS or USPS label right from your computer or give us a call and we will be glad to send you a New Doctor Kit. 
NEW Doctor Kit Includes*:
- Product Literature
- Laboratory Fee Schedule
- Dental Lab Prescriptions
- Shipping Boxes 
- UPS or USPS Shipping Labels
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Pick Up and Delivery: 
If your located in the Pensacola area feel free to call the office to schedule a pickup. 
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In-house milling offers customization and cost savings